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Tooth Talk with Brinkley Dental Group – X-Rays, X-Posure and You


Patients often express concern when we suggest X-Rays. Certainly there is more information and awareness today both from your dental care team and from informed consumers, about possible excessive exposure to X-rays. For this reason, we thought we would take the opportunity to provide a brief summary on the topic of X-Rays and any potential risks associated with over exposure.

First and foremost it goes without saying that the Brinkley Health Care Team takes your overall health and wellness very seriously. Serious consideration is given to the issue of X-Rays anytime we suggest that they may be necessary. X-Rays can help tell us a great deal about the state of your oral health and are a necessary tool in diagnosing certain oral health concerns. They don’t need to be taken often but there are occasions when they must be utilized.

Here are some general guidelines you should know about when X-Rays might be required:

   In Adults

  • As a baseline when you become a new patient.
  • To help determine if there are any areas of concern not visible with an oral exam.
  • To identify decay between teeth or below the gum line.
  • To look for potential bone loss, jaw line concerns or evidence of disease.

   In Children

  • To identify areas of possible concern for tooth decay.
  • To examine the size and shape of the mouth and the number of incoming teeth to determine if there is room for each of them.
  • To see whether wisdom teeth are forming and/or are impacted.

   For All

  • Anytime there is a suspicion of disease or damage.
  • Anytime orthodontic care is initiated.

The Brinkley Dental Team makes every effort to minimize the risk of over exposure to X-Rays and takes every recommended precaution while conducting them. All standard protective measures, such as the lead apron among others, are employed and X-Rays are only recommended when absolutely necessary. The machines themselves are significantly more advanced than even 20 years ago, with reduced exposure time required and other safety measures built in.

If you have a concern about the use of X-Rays, be sure to take the time to talk with your Dentist, share your concerns and work together with your Dentist to mutually decide if and when X-Rays must be a part of your overall dental health care strategy. Brinkley Dental welcomes these types of conversations, recognizing their importance to families who are concerned about any potential exposure. Book an appointment today with Brinkley Dental in Brampton if you would like to discuss next steps and plans for your 2016 dental care and as always: ”don’t forget to be a BFF with your mouth and Brush that SMILE!”

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