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Tooth Talk with Brinkley Dental Group – TRICK OR TREATS….


Plan to go for Tricks or Treats in Brampton tonight? The Brinkley Dental family wishes you a happy Halloween and may we suggest these Halloween safety tips and “tricks” while you’re out on the hunt for treats:

  • Make sure an adult accompanies you on your journey around the neighbourhood.
  • If you are a little older, and everyone agrees, go out with friends but make sure you stick together!
  • No matter the costume, consider a strip (or two) of bright reflective tape on the back or sleeves to help make you more visible.
  • Masks can make it difficult to see but if you must where one, ensure the eyeholes are large and provide as much sight lines as possible. Remove the mask to cross the road.
  • Walk – don’t run!
  • Do one side of the street at a time and cross only at designated intersections or crosswalks.
  • No eating treats along the way! Make sure everything is checked over by an adult once you get home.
  • Carry a bottle of water with you. It fights temptation and keeps you hydrated.
  • Decide together with the adult in your house how many treats are reasonable to eat tonight and then when you’ve had enough it’s time to brush those teeth! Set your timer and brush for the entire time and make sure to rinse well also. Sticky caramel is one of the worst offenders this time of year and can linger on teeth and gums if you don’t brush properly.
  • If you’re wearing braces all the same rules about what you can and can’t eat still apply Halloween or no Halloween. Sorry.
  • Chew sugarless gum while you are out. It will also help you fight temptation and it creates saliva and helps draw sugars, acids and bacteria away from the teeth, at least temporarily!


Stay safe and Happy Halloween everyone!

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