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Tooth Talk with Brinkley Dental Group – September, Sports and Smiles


We’ve touched on this topic in a previous post and yup, it was right around this same time of year! Why are we repeating ourselves on Sports and Smiles? Because you work hard for your teeth and the last thing you want to do is see them sitting on the ice after taking a puck to the face. “Can’t happen,” you say. “All kids wear visors,” you say. True enough but visor or no visor, recently, under the category of “fluke,” a patient had a puck hit them at just the right angle that it travelled up and under his visor causing a broken nose and requiring some stitches too. He’ll be ok but what saved him from further damage? A mouthguard!

Brinkley Dental is proud to be located in Brampton, known to be a huge hockey city for both girls and boys. With a myriad of leagues including the Canadettes, Brampton Youth Hockey and the Brampton Beast organization, Brampton is hockey central and Brinkley Dental is “Mouthguard Central.” We are happy to partner with your hockey team to ensure every player has access to the best fitting mouthguard available. Special rates apply for this service and both coaches and parents can rest easy, knowing the kids are protected as best as possible. Of course additionally, we are always happy to work with patients one on one and for the record, although we are talking hockey here – whatever sport you are involved in, a mouthguard is ALWAYS a good idea.

September, Sports and Smiles – September is also a great time to talk about dental routines with your children. September often finds families returning to regularly scheduled activities and routines. With this in mind it is an ideal time to gently remind children that brushing in the morning before they dash off to school and both brushing and flossing at night before bedtime is a must. Many schools also now actively promote oral hygiene at lunch by providing students with the time to brush after they eat. Perhaps “spoiling” your child with a colourful travel toothbrush and case, along with a mini tube of toothpaste and packing it into their lunch bag would help you, Brinkley Dental and the school to work together promoting successful lunchtime brushing.

Brinkley Dental, conveniently located in north Brampton, invites you to call or visit our office anytime. Schedule a “Drop-in” to say hello, show your children our facilities and introduce them to the Brinkley Team. Our aim has always been to make your Dental experience as comfortable as possible and scheduling a visit BEFORE there is a problem is often the best way to slowly introduce your kids to a regular dental routine. So, whether you need a mouthguard for you or the whole team or just want to stop by and say “Hello,” Brinkley Dental welcomes you. Our motto isn’t just “the gentle Dentist,” it’s that we’re friendly too. Come make friends with us and as we also like to say: ”don’t forget to be a BFF with your mouth and Brush that SMILE!”




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