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Tooth Talk with Brinkley Dental Group – Moms and Molars Have A Lot In Common!


We talk a lot about teeth here at Brinkley Dental in Brampton, but one topic we don’t talk about often enough is Moms. That probably makes sense, we are Dentists after all, but with the recent celebration of Mother’s Day, it reminded us, just in fact, how much Mom’s – and teeth – have in common. Moms and molars are similar, believe it or not, and here’s why!

    • Of course, we’re just having a bit of fun, and we certainly wouldn’t recommend you refer to your Mom as a molar, but just like molars are the “foundation” of teeth, for those lucky enough, Moms are the foundation of a family.
    • Molars are strong, often bearing the brunt of the work when it comes to chewing, much like a Mom often bears the brunt of the work in our family.
    • Some molars are actually called wisdom teeth. Moms have plenty of wisdom! They teach us life skills like how to read when we are younger, how to ride a bike in childhood, how to cook “the basics” in our early teens and how to do our own laundry (at the earliest possible age!) They also teach us plenty about love. We hope you showed your Mom some love this Mother’s Day.
    • Molars are permanent – if we’re lucky. We hope the Mom in our life is always with us. Even as we grow into adulthood, it’s amazing how often we still rely on Mom to give us good advice, to help us through a difficult time or simply to be there. Sometimes we don’t even think about our Mom, much like we don’t even think about our molars or the job they do for us every single day. A molar is supposed to be a permanent tooth, and we all want our Mom to be with us permanently because there is no true replacement for either. Or is there? Just as occasionally a molar isn’t permanent, some of us might experience the loss of our mother, and while it’s true, there is no replacement for the original, a second Mom (like a substitute molar) can be as good or maybe even better than the first. Shout out to all “Second Moms!”
    • Molars sometimes need a little love and extra care. Guess what – so do Moms! Molars might need a filling in order to keep on working well. Moms, too, sometimes need a little extra tender, loving care to keep on supporting their families. When was the last time you made breakfast in bed for your mother or treated her to a night out? Even during this pandemic, or perhaps especially during this pandemic, ordering dinner for delivery might be really helpful for a Mom who has been busy working all day, has zoom calls with clients, is helping to homeschool the kids and cook dinner too! Mom might even need a day at the spa or a massage. It’s not too late to do something special, even if you forgot all about Mother’s Day.

We’ll admit that comparing Moms to molars might be a bit of a stretch, but honestly, molars are something we don’t give a lot of thought to. They are the “forgotten” teeth, the ones we can’t see behind the scenes. They don’t show in our smile, and unless they cause us pain, we tend to overlook them and, let’s speak frankly – sometimes we take our mothers for granted in the same way. Your Mom is sometimes overlooked, but if you’re lucky, she’s always there behind the scenes cheering you on. She works hard for you, even when she’s ignored, just like your molars do. We sure hope you didn’t forget all about your Mom on Mother’s Day, but if you did, there’s still time to make it up to her! Do something nice, now, for the Mom in your life. You won’t regret it and while you’re at it, do something nice for your molars, too – book an appointment for a cleaning if it’s been a while or simply do what your Mom probably reminded you to do a million times and “Go Brush Your Teeth!” Thanks for reading, and even though this month it’s a little repetitive, we will end the same way we always do with this friendly reminder: “Don’t forget to be a BFF with your mouth and brush that smile!”

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