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Tooth Talk with Brinkley Dental Group – Make your New Year’s Resolution to Visit The Team at Brinkley Dental


It’s that time of year again already. Can you believe it? Here we are facing another set of seasonal holiday celebrations that will soon be followed by a new year. Not just any new year either but also, the start of a whole new decade. What do you have planned for 2020? If you’ve been thinking about your teeth for a while, either having a proper and thorough dental examination (maybe for the first time in a decade!) or even about making some changes to your oral health care routines, thinking of orthodontia or other extensive dental work – the start of a new year and a new decade is the perfect time to make a change. If you’re not already a regular visitor to Brinkley or any other dental care provider, make it your new years resolution to partner with a Dentist as part of your overall health care management and have a happier new year!

These thoughts were generated by a conversation we had with someone not too long ago who has a bit of a fear of the Dentist. We understand that fear here at Brinkley and deal with it often. The person we were chatting with hadn’t visited a Dentist in over a decade. A decade! Luckily for them they did have relatively strong teeth but extensive and hardened plaque build up along with some mild gum disease was starting to take its toll. We took the time to explain to the individual that Dentistry has come a long way since the last time he had sat in a chair and certainly much farther still from the time of his childhood – where the fear had first taken hold.

Dentists have a variety of tools and techniques now available to make the patient experience more comfortable. The Brinkley Dental Team prides itself on being family oriented and we encourage patients with Dentophobia or even just some mild trepidation to visit our offices and talk with our team about how best to serve you and keep you comfortable at the same time. We are “the gentle dentist” and have built our reputation around “building a foundation of trust and care” with the patients we treat. We’re not only focussed on the beauty of your smile but we are concerned about your health too. We’ve written before about how the state of our teeth can sometimes point to the state of our overall general health and have long advocated, as we stated in the first paragraph, that a Dentist must be considered a crucial member of your overall health care team.

Thankfully the gentlemen who hadn’t visited a Dentist in over 10 years is going to be fine but frankly, that’s probably the exception not the rule. What this case serves as though – is a reminder that it’s not only a new year ahead – it’s actually a whole new decade and you should make your teeth a priority in 2020. Let us help show you how easy that can be. Book an appointment with the Brinkley Dental Team in Brampton as part of your new years resolutions and move forward into 2020 with a big, beautiful smile! Now, as always, we’ll leave you with this gentle reminder: “don’t forget to be a BFF  with your mouth and Brush that SMILE!”

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