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Tooth Talk with Brinkley Dental Group – June is Pride Month, It’s Time To Celebrate!


Rainbows represent and are a proud symbol of pride month and more to the point, they seem to just radiate positivity! However, when it comes to teeth, a rainbow is the last thing you want to see when you smile! Brinkley Dental, located in Brampton Ontario proudly supports Pride month but equally, if you’ve got a “rainbow” of colour happening in your mouth due to poor dental health, we also proudly support good oral health. If it’s time for a tooth check up, check in with Brinkley Dental.

Lots of things might contribute to rainbow mouth, some of them beyond your ability to control.

  • For example, those of us who are a little older might have silver amalgam from tooth fillings done when we were kids. Now that we are older, any more recent dental work likely resulted in white amalgam used.
  • If you have had to have a root canal or have a tooth capped for other reasons, some people (and not just celebrities) may have chosen to stand out from the crowd and have a tooth capped in gold. They are actually quite durable but keep in mind – this is a choice that’s really making a statement! Usually a permanent one!
  • We’ve talked about “Grillz” before too. Some folks choose to wear a dental grill and these are often comprised of a variety of different materials including gold, silver, platinum and even diamonds. There are certainly some risks associated with using grills so you might want to have a conversation with your Dentist first before investing a lot of money.
  • Another new thing we are seeing more of is the use of diamonds as tooth jewellery – where folks are having a diamond applied to their tooth, using adhesives. Other jewels are also becoming increasingly popular.
  • Of course, plain old yellow teeth are also something that happens and this can be a result of a variety of things including poor oral health care habits, excessive enjoyment of teeth staining beverages like coffee or red wine, plaque build up and to some degree, just plain bad luck or genetics!
  • You can also have problematic teeth or discolouration as a result of gastrointestinal disease or from treatments related to other illness like cancer. In short – there is no shortage of reasons for “rainbow mouth!”

The Brinkley Dental team can help – IF your rainbow is the result of hygiene, illness or you just want to repair or replace old silver amalgam fillings. Book an appointment for a consultation with us to learn about all the options available for enhancing discoloured teeth, replacing old fillings or managing ongoing teeth and health care related issues. On the other hand, IF your rainbow mouth is by choice – we respect that choice – just like we respect everyone celebrating Pride month! Love is love and we love teeth so we’ll take this opportunity to give you the same gentle reminder we always do, “Don’t forget to be a BFF with your mouth and brush that smile!”

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