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Tooth Talk with Brinkley Dental Group- It’s that time of Year!


It’s the hap, hap, happiest time of the year…..” (Now go back and actually sing that line using your best Bing Crosby voice. Go on, do it, that‘ll really get you into the spirit of the season!) That’s right, for those who follow a Christian calendar you are about to enjoy Christmas. Many other readers may have recently celebrated Diwali or find themselves in the middle of Hanukah. Whatever and however you celebrate, the season is meant to be a joyous one and we hope you are able to spend time with family and friends. You know what else you get to spend time with? Your teeth! Here are some gentle reminders about how to keep those teeth clean so your smile looks and feels bright throughout the holiday season!  

For many celebrations, it is food that is in abundance and that means plenty of sweets, desserts, chocolates and confections that we would not normally indulge in. These can be hard on teeth, particularly when you are away from home and regular brushing routines. Whether you are out browsing through the malls gift shopping or visiting a loved one, if you overindulge you might not have easy access to cleaning your teeth. What can you do in the interim before you get back into your regular routine?

Simple steps include carrying water while you shop. You’re going to get thirsty anyway and nothing satisfies better than water. Plus, it will have the added benefit of swishing clean your teeth while you walk. As well, it’s always a good idea (for many reasons) to drink water between sips of your red wine or holiday beverage, particularly if it contains sugars like those contained in pop or juice. Water will help wash away the excess that remains clinging to your teeth in the vain hope of causing a post holiday cavity. Don’t give sugar and acids a chance!

Another easy and simple temporary fix is gum. You won’t very often see a Dentist advocating chewing gum but on an as needed basis, gum can play a useful role in the prevention of acid which can lead to bacterial build up. As a quick “fixer upper” chewing gum will attract some of the sugar and bacteria away from your teeth, helping keep them clean until you get home and hit the toothbrush with vigor. Plus, it has the added benefit of keeping your breath minty fresh at all those cocktail parties you’ll be attending! No one wants to be “that guy in the corner” with bad breath. (It should go without saying, always make sure of course that your gum of choice is sugar free!)

Following these two simple steps will help to ensure both you and your teeth enjoy a festive holiday season without any lasting damage to teeth and gums. Speaking of teeth, gums and holidays, we are reminded of the classic movie “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” and the Elf who wanted to be a dentist – do you remember his name? Anyone remember how he fixed the Abominable Snowman? If you can answer these two questions, send us a message via our website ‘quick contact” form at!



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