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Tooth Talk with Brinkley Dental Group – It’s Hockey Season – Here we go again!


At the risk of sounding repetitive, some things are just important enough that they bear repeating. In the interests of little tykes and big players everywhere, we take this opportunity to remind you that it’s hockey season once again and with skates, shoulder pads and sticks come the possibility of face plants, pucks to the mouth and accidental slap shots with unintentional consequences. Yes, it’s the time of year to think about protection and not just for your body!

If you’ve been around the rink for awhile, you already know the importance of protecting your teeth and you know too that in all the local leagues from tiny tykes to towering teenagers – the wearing of a mouth guard is mandatory. If your little ones are just starting out however, perhaps you think it’s not quite so important. They are going to lose a few teeth anyway right? Wrong! Tooth protection is always important and the habits you are starting now are setting up your child for success throughout life. Many little ones struggle and sometimes even gag when first wearing a mouth guard so by creating a regular routine it will become second nature and that will ensure mouth guards are just considered a regular part of the hockey dressing room routine.

So here today is a quick run down, once again, of the things you need to consider when investing in a mouth guard. There are generally considered to be three types and they are: “Over the Counter,” Stock and Custom Made. An over the counter mouth guard, like the name implies, is one purchased at the store. Also referred to as “boil and bites” these mouth guards are thrown into a pot of boiling water to soften them up, quickly removed and plonked into your player’s mouth and “formed” as they bite down. This might seem like a customized fit but frankly, starting from this ‘one-size fits all’ base, the likelihood of a great fit is slim. The same goes for stock mouth guards which truly are one size fits all and not customizable at all.

Your best bet and something that Brinkley Dental specializes in, are custom fit mouth guards specifically made for your individual hockey star. We even offer a service where we can make guards for your entire team with a special fitting day set aside, customizing colour as well individual fit. This service costs much less than you might expect and when it comes to teeth (particularly for those teenagers who might be wearing braces) isn’t that little bit extra worth protecting? You’ve already made a huge investment in their teeth, why stop now?

Custom mouth guards protect better overall and we urge you to consider contacting Brinkley today to discuss how quickly and easily we can protect your child or your whole team! In the meantime and as always, Brinkley Dental thanks you for stopping in, reading and commenting on our blogs and reminds you, ”don’t forget to be a BFF with your mouth and Brush that SMILE!”



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