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Tooth Talk with Brinkley Dental Group – Choosing a Dental Care Provider


The team at Brinkley Dental wishes everyone a warm and happy new year, with our sincerest hope that 2021 is a fresh start for us all! It may still take some time to fully recover from the pandemic but we’re confident that eventually, we’ll get there. With that in mind, perhaps you’re also thinking of making some changes this year and if one of them is to find an exceptional oral health care provider, we can help!

To avoid any sense of bias – after all, we are pretty proud of the work we do here at Brinkley Dental – we went straight to the source and considered what the Canadian Dental Association had to say about finding a Dentist. We hope you find their tips and tools a handy reference guide and hope you don’t mind that we might have also taken this opportunity to point out our strengths at the same time. When it’s time to “A.C.T.”, give us a call!

Ask, Consider, Talk to us:

  • When looking for a new Dental care team Ask Look for recommendations from your friends and family, your neighbours, perhaps even your family physician. These days, with so much happening on social media, you might even post a message on facebook asking for recommendations and/or referrals. Another alternative is to look up the professional listings for your area through the provincial or territorial governing body for oral health care providers. With a reputation as Brampton’s Family Dentist, we’re confident if you ask around or post a message in any of the communities we serve like Valleywood, Southfields, Mayfield Park, Snelgrove, Heart Lake, Cheltenham, Inglewood and of course, the Brampton area, you’ll like what you read!
  • When you are done asking, it’s time to consider what you’ve learned. We’ve talked before about how your family Dentist should form an integral part of your health care team so it’s important to choose a Dentist that will form a good relationship not just with your family but with your family physician too. He or she should be a good fit for the entire family – like the team at Brinkley, you may even to choose a Dentist who prides themself on serving families – establishing good dental habits and a strong relationship with the Dentist, from a young age, is important. Here are some other things the CDA suggests you ask:
  • Juggling busy schedules, you’ll want a Dentist with a convenient location. That’s us! Located just south of the busy intersection of Highway #10 and Mayfield Rd. we are central to both Brampton and south Caledon residents.
  • Appointment times and Scheduling: You need a Dentist who can provide care around your busy life and where you don’t have to wait for long. We offer a variety of appointment times, late in to the evening and have Saturday availability. That’s flexible enough for just about anyone’s schedule! You can even email your request for an appointment time.
  • Will the office care for the whole family? We’ve said it before we’ll say it again. We are a family-oriented practice, caring for patients of all ages. Check out past blogs where we’ve talked about bringing your babies and children to the office and about the importance of senior dental care.
  • Special Concerns, Health Issues or Children with Exceptionalities: You need an oral health care provider who can handle just about any concern so you should ask ahead of time how comfortable your Dentist might be with working together with children who have exceptionalities, patients with specific health issues like diabetes or cancer, and even with patients who have a particular fear of the Dentist. The Brinkley Dental Team takes pride in our approach to your oral health care and Dr. Loris Corazza has extensive experience working with children and their parents and anyone who requires careful and caring attention.
  • Talk to us: Now you know what kinds of questions to ask, pick up the phone and talk to us. Send an email, you can even stop by our office and speak with one of our friendly team members about your specific family concerns. The best way to determine who is a good fit for your family’s oral health care needs is to have a conversation and we’d be happy to chat!

These continue to be trying times but choosing a Dentist shouldn’t be difficult. We know things will get better over the course of this new year and we know how important dental care is to your overall health. So, if you are thinking of a new Dentist in 2021, ask the right questions and consider Brinkley Dental! As always, we’ll end with our friendly reminder: “don’t forget to be a BFF with your mouth and brush that smile!”

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