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Tooth Talk with Brinkley Dental Group – Brush like a kid again and take the “Two Week/Weak Tooth” Challenge!


Welcome to another edition of Tooth Talk at the Brinkley Blogs! As always, thanks for visiting our page. Today I wanted to have a friendly chat with all you adults out there, asking the question; “How long do you spend on your dental care routine?” The reason I’m asking is because we spend a lot of time talking about kids brushing techniques, using fancy timers or special toothbrushes and more – as part of our ongoing efforts to get them brushing longer – but what kind of an example are you setting?

Let’s face it, parenting is hard work and even if you’re not a parent, between a full day of work, running errands, household chores and more, brushing your teeth before going to bed might be the last thing you think about. If you actually set that egg timer on your own tooth brushing how likely is it that you would even hit 30 seconds or a minute before you rinse and spit? I’m guessing for many of you – not very likely! We all think we are doing a good job of caring for teeth and perhaps, in the morning, when you are a little more awake and alert you might be. Maybe there’s not only brushing but some flossing going on. On the other hand, if you hit the snooze button one too many times, maybe even your morning routine could use a little boost.

If this sounds a little too much like you I urge you to take the “Two week/weak Tooth” Challenge starting today! For two full weeks – that’s 14 days – I want you to brush your teeth like a kid again, a kid whose parent is standing over them, watching every brush stroke. Brushing hard for two weeks will help avoid weak teeth! Dig the egg timer out of the kitchen drawer and bring it up to the bathroom and start brushing. Don’t have an egg timer? Your smart phone will do and just about everyone has one of those! Set the stopwatch on it and go. When you’re done, don’t forget to add flossing to your routine. With so many easy to use flossing tools these days you really have no excuse. Don’t be a weak brusher – brush like a kid again for two whole weeks and it will go a long way to helping you avoid weak teeth!

How about scheduling a cleaning to give your “Two Week/Weak Tooth” challenge a boost? Call the team at Brinkley Dental in Brampton to schedule your appointment today. Get a fresh start and then keep on going – it’s sure to become a regular part of your routine! As always, thanks for reading and remember: “don’t forget to be a BFF with your mouth and Brush that SMILE!”


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