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Tooth Talk with Brinkley Dental Group – A Bit About……Us!


As you might expect, in this space we talk a lot about teeth. How to care for your teeth: how to brush, floss and rinse, how to manage health related dental issues and in the past we’ve even talked about fun stuff like various tooth fairy myths from around the world. What we haven’t talked about recently is the Team here at Brinkley Dental. Today, we thought we would go back to our roots and as we “fall back” into fall, and with our anniversary fast approaching, what better time to share a bit about whom we are and what we do.

Way back in our very first blog I introduced myself. I’m Dr. Loris Corazza and I have been providing friendly, family-oriented, dental care for parents and children in the Brampton and Caledon area for almost 20 years. We had our start in November of 2000 so next year will be a significant anniversary for us! (We’re pretty proud of 19 too but you get the idea….) We’ve watched some of our patients literally grow up before our very eyes, having cared for their teeth since they were little ones.  I have five children of my own so I am certainly very familiar with caring for children, teens and their teeth! We’ve managed through braces together, a cavity here and there and regular dental hygiene visits. I may have even made a mouthguard or two for your little sports superstar.

As we said way back in the beginning, we’re a little bit unique at Brinkley. What’s the Brinkley difference?  From the moment you walk through our door, you are greeted as a guest, not just a number.  Our front office staff is always on hand to greet visitors, meaning there’s never an empty seat at the front desk. We have a full complement of dental hygienists who are available for appointments during regular practice hours meaning you will almost always be guaranteed an appointment time that suits your busy schedule.  My philosophy is that your time is just as valuable as mine, and I know we all lead busy lives. Visiting the Dentist should be easy, not hard, to fit into your schedule. We offer a wide variety of clinic hours including late nights and alternate Saturday’s and you can email us to book your appointment online. Check out our website for all this information and more AND take the time to learn a bit more about our team – we’re all on web, pictures too! Get familiar with us before you even walk through our door!

At Brinkley Dental we also offer “One-Stop” dental services.  We work together with other specialists, to provide full dental care including Periodontal disease treatment and Endodontic services within the Brinkley Dental office! We call this the “convenience factor,” making your busy lives a little easier. 

Most importantly, we have developed a reputation as Brampton’s Gentle Dentist and we are proud of this commitment to you and your family. With our focus on family, on good oral health and on prevention over dental disease, “taking our time not focused on our bottom line” we know you are in good hands with our team. We are committed to community as well, helping out where we can by sponsoring teams, collecting and donating for the Salvation Army and more. We view this as an integral part of our practice.

Finally, if you have a child that requires some extra care and attention, perhaps a young one with a special need, you should feel comfortable bringing them to our office where we’ll take the extra time and care necessary to ensure their dental experience is a positive one. Check us out on the web, come visit us in person and then schedule an appointment. Until you do, we’ll end with our gentle reminder, “don’t forget to be a BFF  with your mouth and Brush that SMILE!”

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