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Tooth Talk with Brinkley Dental Group – A Bit about the “Tooth Team” at Brinkley


The “tooth team” at Brinkley Dental bids you a warm “web welcome” and we thank you for visiting us here online. Brinkley Dental is a family practice and we can’t emphasize the word family enough!  Together with his team, Dr. Loris Corazza has been providing friendly, family-oriented, dental care for parents and children in the North Brampton and Caledon area since November of 2000.  With five children of his own and having spent time providing care for First Nations people living on remote northern reserves, Dr. Corazza has a warm and generous bedside manner that will put even the most nervous of patients at ease. Dr. Corazza brings a wealth of diverse experience to his practice, offering gentle care focused on making your visit to the dentist, whether your first or fiftieth, a perfectly pleasant experience.

What’s the Brinkley difference?  From the moment you walk through the door, you are greeted as a special guest, not just a number.  With two receptionists there will always be someone on the front desk to welcome you.  Three dental hygienists are available for appointments during regular practice hours.  “Your time is just as valuable as mine,” says Dr. Corazza so Brinkley Dental ensures there is always sufficient staff on hand to meet every patient’s expectation.

Brinkley Dental offers “One-Stop” dental services.  There is no need to book separate appointments with other dental practitioners to receive specialized services like a root canal.  Instead, Dr. Corazza works together with three specialists, offering Anesthesia, Periodontal and Endodontic services within the Brinkley Dental office! These specialists, all University of Toronto Professors, help Dr. Corazza in his desire to offer patients the “convenience factor,” making your busy lives a little easier.  He knows you don’t want to travel all over town for different appointments and that comfort and familiarity are often important to patients who must have extensive dental work done. This one stop experience helps alleviate some of the associated stress patients may experience.

Family, family, family. Dr. Corazza knows the importance of family and of supporting his community too.  Whether sponsoring a local team, creating custom mouth guards for hockey players or simply helping your little one climb into the chair during Mom’s regular appointment (an important first step on the road to lifetime dental care) Dr. Corazza says this focus on family and community is an integral part of his practice.  With this philosophy in mind, Brinkley Dental also has the unique ability to embrace and bond with special needs patients, ensuring they receive the extra time and care necessary to guarantee their dental experience is a positive one.

Gentle, caring and with a focus on taking his time, not on his bottom line, Dr. Loris Corazza and the tooth team at Brinkley Dental are waiting to “talk teeth” with you today!

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