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Tooth Talk with Brinkley Dental Group “It’s that time of year. How to PROTECT your teeth during Sports Season!”


September doesn’t just herald a return to school, for many families it is the start of yet another season of sport. The team here at Brinkley Dental joins parents in emphasizing the importance of physical activity.  However, we would also like to take this opportunity to encourage “Smart Sporting” and by that we mean make sure to take teeth into consideration when outfitting your child this season.

Hockey of course is the obvious sport that comes to mind when we think of teeth.  The thought of a puck anywhere near the mouth, teeth and gums you’ve worked so hard to maintain makes us shudder! While protection has come a long way since the 1970’s when you knew who played hockey just by the smile that revealed missing front teeth, a helmet and visor simply isn’t enough.  Whether your hockey super star is 5 years old in hockey school or 15 and on their way to the majors, they will need a mouthguard.  It’s not just Brinkley Dental that recommends it, all hockey associations, at all levels, have made wearing a mouthguard mandatory.  That’s why, at Brinkley, we are proud to partner with sports teams to ensure they get the protection they need while playing the sport they love. At Brinkley we welcome both individuals and entire teams to stop by our friendly office in North Brampton and take advantage of our extremely low pricing on custom mouthguards.   We’ll spend the time ensuring the fit and comfort level is just right for your super sports star. Parents, if you are the volunteer serving as Team Manager this year, call our friendly front office staff and scheduled appointments can be made to accommodate everyone on your team ensuring every player walks out with a fully customized mouthguard.

By the way – we’re not just talking hockey.  High school rugby is for the rough and tough but teeth can take a real hit. Mouthguards have a place in rugby as well and we highly recommend them. In fact, with any sport that involves a moving object (ie: a football, puck, ball hockey, lacrosse – to name just a few) it just makes sense to protect your teeth. You wouldn’t think of playing without a helmet and no 17 year old wants to walk around with dentures! Often, you have invested thousands in orthodontic care too. So make this sports season, whatever you play, a safe one and visit Brinkley Dental today. Custom mouthguards…to fit your sport, your style and ensure your safety too!



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