Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening has become the most commonly requested cosmetic treatment in the field of dentistry.  It is an ideal and non invasive procedure to create a beautiful and more appealing look.  Cosmetic tooth whitening is not a complicated procedure and when properly implemented can significantly whiten the appearance of teeth.

Cosmetic tooth whitening can be offered to a patient in a number of ways.  The most popular method is the take home system.  It is the safest, most controlled, and usually the least expensive method of whitening. Prior to whitening, it is advisable that a dentist be consulted so that all teeth and gums are healthy prior to whitening.  The presence of cavities, gum disease, or pre-existing sensitivity may be a complicating factor in choosing whether to whiten or not.  Because whitening does not alter the shade of crowns, veneers, or restorations, it may be advisable to change some or all of the visible dental work that was done in the past.

Although teeth whitening is very effective, it may be necessary to consider a touch-up whitening period to bring teeth back to their whiter shade.  The amount of time spent on touching up your teeth may vary depending on the type of food eaten or drank and how well maintained your teeth are.

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Reasons for tooth whitening:

  • Fluorosis which is excess fluoride during development of teeth
  • Staining of teeth due to medications
  • Natural discolouration of teeth during development
  • Normal wear of outer enamel

What does tooth whitening involve?

Teeth whitening at our clinic in Brampton, usually takes place in two visits.  The first visit is for the dentist to look at the health of your mouth and determine that all is healthy and to take impressions (molds) of your teeth to fabricate custom whitening trays.  At the second appointment, the trays are tried in to ensure a comfortable fit and to provide you with proper instructions for using the whitening trays.  Also, these same trays can be used for future whitening. During and after whitening, patients are encouraged to see the dentist to ensure proper and safe whitening.

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