Dental Exam & Cleanings

A dental examination is essential to a patient’s ongoing dental and general health. When a patient sees a dentist for the first time a thorough new patient examination is performed by the dentist and regular dental examinations are performed at subsequent dental cleanings or if there is a specific concern that needs to be addressed.

A dentist looks inside and outside a patient’s mouth for concerns that may affect both the oral and the overall health of a patient. During a comprehensive new patient exam, your dentist is not only looking at missing, decayed, or restored teeth, he or she is also looking at the state of your gums to determine their health. A few additional things that a dentist would look at and try and discuss are:

  • Is previous dental work functioning well
  • Are there signs of grinding or clenching
  • What is the health and function of your temporomandibular joint
  • Are there any signs of tissue changes, lesions, growths, irritations
  • The state of the salivary glands, lymph nodes, muscles to ensure they are healthy
  • A review of medical history to ensure dental care is not affected by medical concerns
  • A review of radiographs and/or dental images

Professional Dental Cleaning

Professional dental cleanings are critical to a patient’s dental and general health. Not only are teeth cleaned but a general review of health and an examination is done to ensure there are no present or impending concerns that should be addressed. Dentally, a patients cleaning includes the removal of tartar (calculus) above and below the gum, removal of plaque, a polishing, and fluoride and/or radiographs if required. In addition to this, a dentist will examine your mouth and facial structures and ensure there are no new concerns. Regular visits are critical to ensure ideal dental care.

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