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Do You Know About THIS Tradition?


Last year around this time we shared some fun facts about Valentine’s Day. The day has been a long-standing tradition for a considerable amount of time and readers seemed to enjoy the fun facts we shared. Just because we’re dentists, our blog doesn’t always have to be about the teeth, mouth and gums! That’s why today we’d thought we’d share another fun, fact filled blog about a new tradition that’s also celebrated in February and that is “Galentine’s Day.”

What is Galentine’s Day?

The origins of this “special” day are thought to be attributed to a TV show. Yes, a TV show! First appearing on an episode of Parks and Recreation, the fictional character of Leslie Knope shares how she and her gal pals set aside the day before Valentine’s Day as one to celebrate each other and their long-standing friendships. That episode first aired in 2010 and since that time, the concept of a day for celebrating the kind of deep love and affection that only friends can have for one another has only sky-rocketed. All the “major players” like traditional makers of chocolate, greeting cards and even some big name stars offer products related to celebrating Galentine’s Day.

When is Galentine’s Day tradition?

This annual celebration of all things gal pal related takes place the day before the more traditional holiday we are all familiar with – Valentine’s Day. So in 2022, Galentine’s Day will take place on February 13th, a Sunday. With it being a weekend and with some restrictions loosening in and around central Ontario you might want to consider this the perfect opportunity to escape with a few of your closest friends to celebrate!

Why, How and Who Should Celebrate?

  • We’d be the last dental office to consider ourselves cynical so any attempt to brand this day as yet another excuse to spend money will receive a “No” vote from us. We prefer instead to focus on all the good reasons it might make sense for you to celebrate – even IF we are not talking about good oral health care! (Although, if you wanted to gift your friends with marching pink toothbrushes held in the paws of little pink teddy bears who are we to stop you?) But seriously, we kind of love the idea of Galentine’s Day because there are no real “rules” about how you celebrate and you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money to do so.
  • Let’s start with the obvious. Leslie Knope invited all her gal pals, implying it was a “Gal” celebration – hence the name. The movement caught on in part, to prove that you did not have to be in a “traditional” love centered relationship to celebrate the day but rather, you could simply choose to celebrate all the good things that come with having great friends. BUT – it’s not just for gals! Anyone can celebrate a day dedicated to friendship so if there’s someone in your life you’d like to show some love, go ahead and do it!
  • There are a million ways to celebrate limited only by your imagination – well – and perhaps by your budget too but that’s ok. Sometimes it’s the smallest gestures that make the biggest impression so if a dinner out or big, splashy gift aren’t available to you right now consider these suggestions:
    • Movie night with your favourite flix on Netflix or other streaming services and homemade popcorn and snacks.
    • A charcuterie night with wine, cheese, some meat, olives and crackers
    • A dessert charcuterie board with homemade or store bought bite sized treats and fruit.
    • Gathering over coffee at your favourite local spot – be indulgent and go for the whipped cream on top!
    • This next suggestion came from some research we conducted informally; consider doing a “favourite things” exchange. We have a friend who is obsessed with rainbows. Perhaps you’ll find a sticker for their car or an inexpensive notebook or key chain (you might even peruse the aisles of your local discount store) the point is you don’t have to spend a lot for it to mean a lot.
    • Plan a visit to a local salon and spa for a joint manicure or pedicure date.
    • Get outdoors and just go for a walk in a pretty spot nearby. Around Brinkley Dental in the Brampton, Caledon and Halton Hills areas there are plenty of beautiful locations to enjoy a walk and talk. Dress for the weather using this wise old piece of advice: There is no bad weather, only bad clothing choices!
    • We’re sure you have plenty of other ideas too. We’ll end with this one; if you still aren’t comfortable with in-person gatherings, plan a ZOOM call you ACTUALLY want to take part in – a zoom call of friends. Grab your favourite beverage, schedule a time and a quiet spot in the house and enjoy some friend time with your fellow gal pals, guy pals, non-binary pals – ALL your pals!

We would be remiss of course if we didn’t spend at least a sentence or two talking about teeth and it’s always important, particularly around any special celebration, that we remain mindful about caring for our oral health, together with our mental and physical well-being. The team at Brinkley Dental thinks that celebrating special occasions are a wonderful excuse to indulge a little bit, whether that’s chocolate and wine on Valentine’s Day or popcorn, cheese and olives, creamy coffee or pizza for Galentine’s Day. However you choose to mark these occasions just remember to always be a pal to your TRUE best friends – the ones that will stick with you throughout your life – your teeth! So remember the advice we always end with: “Don’t forget to be a BFF with your mouth and brush that smile!”

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