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Tooth Talk with Brinkley Dental Group – Closing out December and Ringing in the New Year

Previously we discussed how stressful December is for some. That said, we sincerely hope you and your loved ones are making an effort to have a wonderful, calm and family-centered holiday season. Since our regular posting date would fall on Christmas Day, for those that celebrate that particular holiday, we wish you a very Merry […]

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Tooth Talk with Brinkley Dental Group – Heading into December it seems a fitting time to talk about…

Stress. It’s often silent, it’s often sinister and it’s often sustained. December, for many, exacerbates what you might already be feeling in terms of every day stress – making the symptoms that much more pronounced. In another recent blog we also talked about mental health issues. The reality is, this time of year can be […]

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Tooth Talk with Brinkley Dental Group – The Holidays and Brinkley Dental’s Salvation Army Food Drive

This time of year always brings to mind that famous Santa story “The Night Before Christmas.” Sadly however, and with apologies to Clement C. Moore, many children are not “nestled all snug in their beds; while visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads.” *1 No – sadly, today I want to talk about a more serious topic […]

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