Monthly Archives: December 2014

Tooth Talk with Brinkley Dental Group- It’s that time of Year!

It’s the hap, hap, happiest time of the year…..” (Now go back and actually sing that line using your best Bing Crosby voice. Go on, do it, that‘ll really get you into the spirit of the season!) That’s right, for those who follow a Christian calendar you are about to enjoy Christmas. Many other readers […]

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Tooth Talk with Brinkley Dental Group- Over the Counter Whitening or Brightening by Brinkley?

As promised in our last blog, we are going to tackle the topic of whitening head on. Should you whiten your teeth and if so, just what do you need to know? We’re sure you have heard about the “5 W’s” before and today we will address each one of them, briefly discussing the who, […]

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